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Types of Student Housing

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When you begin searching for the ideal student housing Saint Louis University* has to offer, don’t settle for what is easiest. Instead, view the diverse forms of housing options as an advantage because it increases the likelihood that you will find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget. However, before you begin looking at specific options, spend some time figuring out which type of housing suits your needs best.

On-Campus Housing at Saint Louis University*

The main advantage to living on campus is that you are close to all of your classes. You will be able to save time and stress by avoiding a lengthy and stressful commute everyday. However, dorms are known for being extremely cramped. Dorms provide you with limited space and privacy and require you to live with a roommate that you may not know. While sharing a living space with someone else may create a lasting relationship, it may also cause a fair amount of tension if you have differing lifestyles and expectations. If you live in a dorm, you will also have a Resident Assistant who is assigned to your floor. While your RA may be helpful if you have any questions, he/she will also set up regular meetings and will monitor your behavior to make sure it is in line with the dorm’s policies.

Off Campus Housing in St. Louis

When you choose to move off campus, you will enjoy more freedom. You will be responsible for setting your own curfew and you will not have to worry about being closely monitored. Apartments in St. Louis, MO near Saint Louis University* may be filled with students, but they are not affiliated with the school or the academic calendar. Therefore, while students who live in dorms will need to find somewhere to stay during the summer or the holidays, you can remain in your apartment. Unfortunately, by definition, off campus housing is not as close to campus as dorms are. Therefore, you may have to factor in a commute to class every day. At City Lofts on Laclede, students can enjoy the benefits of living off campus while still remaining in walking distance of campus.

Renting a House Near Campus

If you choose to rent a house, you will have more space than most apartments by Saint Louis University*. Yet, this extra space will also require increased utility bills and time consuming cleaning. Typically, houses are situated in neighborhoods where families and university faculty live. They may be unaccustomed to loud music or noise, which may cause friction if you enjoy a louder lifestyle. When you live in a house, you will also have a front lawn where you can have a barbecue with friends or enjoy a sunny afternoon. With a lawn comes responsibility as well. While some landlords may provide lawn care and maintenance services, others may require you to find these necessities elsewhere.

St. Louis Townhomes

Townhouses offer several advantages, with the most important being space. They have more room than the standard apartment but less than a house. However, this means that more energy will be needed to moderate the temperature increasing your monthly utility bills. Townhouses are suitable for the student life because the homeowner’s association is responsible for ensuring that the lawn is cared for while residents have access to features such as clubhouses and swimming pools.

Student Apartments in St. Louis, MO

Apartments are perhaps the most popular choice for students seeking off campus housing. They tend to be cheaper and require less upkeep than townhomes and houses. Many apartment complexes are also predominantly filled with other students so residents can make friends and enjoy a student-focused atmosphere. Amenities are also geared towards the student lifestyle so residents can enjoy a range of amenities from study lounges and open floorplans to gamerooms and controlled access. With so many options available, it is important to find the best apartments in St. Louis.

Make City Lofts on Laclede Your New Home

Once you realize that luxury apartments offer all of the benefits you are looking for, you need to look at the different luxury apartments St. Louis has to offer. City Lofts on Laclede is unique in that it is right across the street from the Saint Louis University Campus* and offers amenities such as free laundry services, computer lab, game room and pool. Contact our office today to schedule a tour.

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