St. Louis Luxury Student Apartments

Choosing an apartment is more than just finding four walls and a roof. While you are in college, your apartment will be your home away from home. You deserve to have a space that not only feels comfortable but accommodates your needs as well. Luxury student apartments are the answer because they combine helpful amenities with modern designs to form the ideal housing option.

National Trend of Luxury Student Apartments

Student living tends to get a bad reputation and for good reason. Previous generations barely scraped by financially and were forced to accept the bare minimum in terms of housing. Within the last couple decades, students have had more financial freedom, which in turn allows them to turn down cramped dorms and basic student apartments at St. Louis University for luxury apartments. This interest in luxurious living has encouraged the construction of many more luxury apartment complexes for an even larger selection.

What is Luxury Student Living?

If you have spent any time looking at or searching for housing you have heard the term “luxury student apartments”. However, do you actually know what it means? Luxury apartments are designed with students in mind in order to help them live an enjoyable and balanced lifestyle. Extensive amenities focus on facilitating all aspects of a well-rounded life including academics, physical fitness, leisure time and friendships.

Advantages of Luxury Student Apartments in St. Louis

With so many different luxury apartments St. Louis has to offer, it is important to find the one that caters to your lifestyle. Though every complex differs, there are many common elements associated with luxury housing.

Student Oriented Atmosphere

With such a close proximity to campus, student luxury apartments near SLU are filled predominantly with students. Luxury apartments strive to create an environment that encourages students to thrive in their academic careers. Study lounges provide residents with an alternative to crowded on-campus libraries. Computer labs are also available and provide access to the latest computers and free WiFi.

Community Environment

One of the most important aspects of the college experience is the formation of close friendships. That is why the majority of luxury apartments in St. Louis, MO, have fitness facilities and clubhouses, which are equipped with flat screen TVs, video games, ping pong and foosball. City Lofts on Laclede also features a resort-style pool, sun deck, grilling areas and a dog park.

Convenient Resources

Ideally, luxury student living is meant to simplify the college years in any way possible. This includes a friendly and effective 24/7 emergency maintenance staff, on-site management and safety patrol. Residents will always find help when they need it. At City Lofts on Laclede, students have access to free laundry services and recycling options on the property.

Ideal Location & Parking

If an apartment complex is located far from campus, it is not truly luxury living. When you choose luxury student housing, you are signing up for convenience. Therefore, you will be within distance of campus. For instance, City Lofts on Laclede is located directly across from SLU. Though many of your resources will be at your fingertips, when you do leave you will want the security of knowing you will have a parking space waiting for you when you come back. In order to ensure parking for all residents, luxury apartments utilize different methods such as covered parking garages, individualized spaces or a large number of parking spots.

Live Luxuriously at City Lofts on Laclede in St. Louis, MO

Once you understand the value of luxury student apartments at St. Louis University, you must find the right one for you, because not all luxury housing options are equal. At City Lofts on Laclede, our units are unparalleled with beautiful city views, open floor plans and high ceilings. Contact our office today to schedule a tour!