Tips For Students Living in St. Louis

St. Louis county is extremely large and is made up of 91 municipalities. One can easily divide the city into four regions including St. Louis City, the Suburbs, Beyond 1-270 and Beyond St. Louis County. For the purposes of this guide we will analyze the different areas within St. Louis City:

  • The Central West End: is known for being both sophisticated and understated. It is home to many well-known restaurants and art galleries.
  • The Shaw Neighborhood: has been undergoing recent renovation and reconstruction to revive early 20th century homes. It is conveniently located near the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
  • The Washington Lofts: is located downtown and features lofts matching every style and demographic. Regardless of where you are in the area, you are only a few minutes away from a sports venue.
  • Lafayette Square: is a beautiful and elegant part of the city with Victorian-style houses and a huge park featuring large, established trees.
  • Soulard: the area where row houses and sidewalks are made from vibrant red brick. It is also has one of the oldest open air markets in the United States.

What are the best restaurants in St. Louis?

Whether you are a busy student who doesn’t have time to cook or you just enjoy eating out, St. Louis has many restaurants to choose from. If you enjoy mexican food, try out Brinco's Mexican Grill & Cantina or Diablitos Cantina. Those who have specific diet restrictions will enjoy Crazy Bowls & Wraps, which serve both vegan and vegetarian dishes. The Fountain on Locust is another favorite and offers sandwiches, soups, homemade soda and pretzel cones. Don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with frozen yogurt from Flying Cow Frozen Yogurt Company.

Where can I get exercise?

There are plenty of ways you can get exercise that don’t involve completing the same routine every day. St. Louis is home to a variety of parks that are beautiful and perfect for hiking and jogging. Forest Park is the most well known option, which is ideal for biking or running. You can also go for a run at Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park. Jogging trails extend through the woods, shading you from the sun, and wrap around the lake. If you prefer an indoor workout, St. Louis University students have access to the Simon Recreation Center. Here students are provided with fitness classes, a bouldering wall, an indoor pool, two outdoor pools, volleyball courts and much more.

How can I commute to campus if I don’t live within walking distance?

Ideally, students will want to choose student apartments near St. Louis, MO that are located nearby so they can walk to class. However, if you live farther away, students are free to utilize the MetroLink. Full time students at St. Louis University can purchase semester passes at a discounted rate. SLU provides a free service known as The Grand Shuttle which transports students between campus and the Grand stop, which is the closest MetroLink station.

Where can I meet people in St. Louis?

It can be overwhelming to move to a new city, especially if you don’t know anyone who lives there, but you don’t have to worry. As a St. Louis University student, you will be surrounded by other people who are your age that are also looking for friends. Begin by taking advantage of your classes. You will be spending everyday with the same people, so don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation with the person sitting next you. You can also join a club or sport. Not only will you find other students who have similar passions, but you will also have more activities to add to your resume when you graduate.

What can I do to become friends with my roommate?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will become best friends with your roommate. However, when you live with someone, you will spend the majority of your time in a shared space. If you get along with your roommate, not only will your St. Louis apartments be more comfortable, but you can potentially create a lifelong friend. Begin by starting off on the right foot. When you both move in, make the effort to get to know your roommate by going out for ice cream or by exploring your new city. You can also try to spend time in common areas, which will increase the amount of interactions between you.

What type of atmosphere will my student apartment complex have?

The atmosphere found at every St. Louis student living option varies greatly. While you are touring each of your options, you will want to ask about the type of environment. For example, City Lofts on Laclede offers a warm, community feel that encourages residents to socialize with one another. We provide many exciting amenities such as a picnic area, gameroom with pool tables and flat screen TVs, and a pool.

Do I need to purchase renters’ insurance?

When you sign a contract for your St. Louis student apartments, you will get to choose whether you want renters’ insurance or not. You may be tempted to save money and not purchase it, but be aware of the consequences. If there is a burglary, fire, flood or other natural disaster, your landlord will not be responsible for your losses. You will have to pay to replace your possessions yourself. Instead, you may want the security you get from knowing you are covered in worst case scenarios.

What can I do to lower my monthly utility bill?

Whether you are a college student or grad student, you must now learn how to budget and spend your money wisely. High utility bills can keep you from participating in activities that you enjoy, but there are simple tricks you can use to reduce your energy consumption. Unplug all of your electronics when you are not using them. Even if electronics are not turned on, they will still drain energy. You can also adjust your thermostat in your St. Louis housing so that it is two degrees warmer in the summer and two degrees lower in the winter than your typical setting.

What spots should I show my family when they visit?

When your family comes to visit, you will want to show off all that St. Louis has to offer. Of course you will have to show them the sights such as the Gateway Arch, Saint Louis Zoo, the Meramec Caverns and the Saint Louis Science Center. If your family enjoys outdoor activities, spend time at Forest Park where you can enjoy an outdoor theatre, paddle boats, golf courses and hiking trails. Finish the tour off by taking them to your favorite eateries, whether it be BBQ at Pappy's Smokehouse or a nicer meal at The Best Steak House.