SLU Student Resources

St. Louis University is one of the oldest and most distinguished Catholic universities. At the same time, it strives to accept and support students from all cultures and backgrounds. In order to encourage student health and success, SLU offers numerous helpful resources for students.  

St. Louis University Admission

SLU boasts more than 90 different programs and majors. With so many quality options to choose from, it is understandable so many students wish to apply to this prestigious university.

Admission Requirements

In order to gain acceptance to St. Louis University, applicants must prove academic excellence, complete the SAT or ACT with acceptable scores, turn in high school transcripts and write a personal essay. Students may also be asked for letters of recommendation, an in-person interview and a professional résumé. These requirements can be completed directly through the applicant portal or through the Common Application. Deadlines are based on the specific type of applicant and semester that the student is applying. Make sure that you consult the list of registration dates before you begin your application.

SLU Housing

Once you receive your acceptance, you will need to determine where you want to live. All full-time freshman and sophomore students are required to live in the on-campus student housing St. Louis University offers to students. However, after these two years, students can choose luxury apartments in St. Louis, MO instead. In contrast to dorms, off campus housing provides SLU students with more space, freedom and access to lavish amenities. City Lofts on Laclede, for example, provides residents with a game room, fitness facility, computer lab and pool.

Counseling Resources at St. Louis University

The faculty and staff at St. Louis strive to provide the resources for students that will enable them to feel safe and supported in all aspects throughout their college careers.

University Counseling Center

Students experience many social, academic and financial stressors throughout their college years. St. Louis University understands these pressures and wants to provide services that will help students remain as mentally and emotionally healthy and well rounded. The University Counseling Center offers couples, individual and group therapy, psychological testing, and occupational therapy for all full-time, part-time, law, medical and graduate students. The counselors specialize in a variety of fields including sexual assault, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, eating disorders and relationship problems; all of which are available free of charge for SLU students. If a student is in need of emergency services, he or she can speak with an on-call counselor on the phone.

Disability Services

For students with learning, psychological or physical disabilities, St. Louis University provides assistance through the Disability Services department. This program provides students with accommodations for testing and class work depending on their disability on record. In order to seek these services, students should first call and schedule an appointment to verify availability.

Academic Advising Offices

Advisors are vital assets because they are able to provide students with advice on which courses to take and resources to prepare them for the future. These advisors vary depending on the major and college of each student. If students are pre-med, honors or pre-law, they will have separate advisors. To figure out which department you are assigned to, consult the detailed list of the available advising offices.

SLU Cultural Programs

St. Louis University strongly believes in the importance of globalization through international programs to increase the global and cultural awareness of students.

Cross Cultural Center

The Cross Cultural Center exists to promote the inclusion and understanding of all cultures and backgrounds. Advisors help students clarify SLU policies and support cultural organizations. These organizations represent a wide variety of diverse cultures that students can participate in such as a Black Student Alliance, International Student Federation, Hindu Student Community and many more.

International Students

St. Louis University understands how difficult the transition to campus life can be for international students. The Office of International Services hopes to ease this process by informing students about the city of St. Louis, American culture and academic expectations. This department can also assist students who begin experiencing culture shock by recommending coping mechanisms or referring them to Student Health and Counseling Services. While some international students may prefer to live in on-campus SLU housing, they will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city of St. Louis by renting an apartment off campus. If students choose to live in apartments for rent near SLU campus, the the Office of International Services can advise them on what they need to be aware of when touring various properties.

Take Advantage Of SLU Resources

St. Louis University offers students a large assortment of tools to help them succeed. If you are a current or prospective student make sure that you make the most of your time by participating in an organization, studying abroad and choosing to live in the best apartments in St. Louis.